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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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The museum complex on the Motława river

Current exhibitions

"A view of the sea. Works of the artists deriving from the Sopot School", the 15th exhibition of the "Polish artists and the sea" cycle

"A view of the sea. Works of the artists deriving from the Sopot School", the 15th exhibition of the "Polish artists and the sea" cycle


For some people, this is a shameful Socialist Realism episode, others perceive it as a community of artists working together in a particular place, which was Sopot, while some consider it to be Colouristic Modernism of the 1950s. The "Sopot School" term is a controversial and dubious subject, especially considering the fact that members of this artistic circle chose diverse directions for their further development. "A view of the sea" is an exhibition dedicated to the maritime subject in the works of a group of artists deriving from the so-called "Sopot School" circle.

The Musicians of the world

The Musicians of the world


The music has accompanied people from the very beginning and sculpture is probably the oldest artwork. The exhibitions shows the wooden sculptures chosen from the collection "The Musicians of the world" which includes about 400 artefacts from most of the world – from Ecuador to Indonesia. The main theme are wooden characters of musicians playing the unusual instruments.

Ships. Our passion

Ships. Our passion


A virtual shipyard tour and a walk inside a ship, dockage of a platform and fascinating Oculus glasses – these and many other attractions will be available at the "Ships. Our passion" multimedia exhibition, organized by Remontowa Holding S.A. shipbuilding group.

Mothers and Ships - exhibition on Sołdek

"Mothers and Ships" - exhibition on "Sołdek"


Huge screens with ship christening archive films, whole columns of documentary materials and an interactive stand at which visitors can symbolically 'break' a bottle against a ship's side. All of the above will be presented at the newest exhibition, organized by Klub Matek Chrzestnych Statków Armatorów Wybrzeża Gdańskiego [Ship Godmothers Club of Gdańsk Coast Shipowners' Ships], which is held on "Sołdek" ship-museum.

Maritime School in Tczew 1920-1930

Maritime School in Tczew 1920-1930


We wish to invite you to our new exhibition entitled Maritime School in Tczew 1920-1930. The Cradle of the Polish Merchant Navy, developed together with the Tradition Hall of the Gdynia Maritime University.

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