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Floating Maritime Heritage

26.05.2010 |

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Floating Maritime Heritage

An international seminar held on 19 May and devoted to maritime heritage in general and historical vessels still in operation in particular, was an event marking the two-day celebrations of the European Maritime Day at the CMM.

During the session, problems were discussed of protection and conservation of ships and warships of great historical and museum value, like the Cutty Sark in Britain or the Dar Pomorza in Poland, as well as those still in service and trying to cope with every-day problems, e.g. the Antica in Gdańsk.

The foreign speakers - Eric Kentley from London, Christian Sedelmaier from Hamburg and Romualdas Adomavicius from Klaipeda – gave an overview of problems in their respective countries with historical vessels, sources of funding (if any at all) and the prospects for the maintenance and further commercial or museum operation of the vessels.

CMM Director Jerzy Litwin and Leif Malmberg, in charge of the floating vessels of the Naval Museum in Karlskrona, presented different approaches to exhibiting the floating heritage from the point of view of museum methodology. The vital aspect in this context is, apart from preserving the vessel, exhibiting it and making it available to visitors.

The seminar closed with Hanse Sail Office representatives from Rostock handing in the amount of 2012 euro to the head of the Gdańsk MOSiR (responsible for sports and recreation in the municipality), in support of the repairs that the Generał Zaruski, now owned by the city of Gdańsk, requires.

Seminar agenda

Per-Inge Lindqvist - member of European Maritime Heritage, senior advisor of Maritime Museum in Karlskrona, Chairman of the Conference
"Integrated European Maritime Policy" - PDF file (0,04 MB), Power Point presentation (3,5 MB)

Eric Kentley – Museum and exhibition consultant
"Creating and maintaining a National Historic Fleet in the UK" - PDF file (0,2 MB), PowerPoint presentation (21 MB)
"Cutty Sark - Conservation project" - PowerPoint presentation (55 MB)

Christian Sedelmaier - GSHW e.V.Gemeinsame Kommission für historische Wasserfahrzeuge e.V.
"Existing operation of traditional ships under German flag and its gloomy outlook" - PDF file (0,04 MB), PowerPoint presentation (39 MB)

Romualdas Adomavicius – Maritime historian, Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda; Navigation History Department
"Kurenas - fishing boat of Curonian Lagoon, its use for educational and scientific purposes" - PDF file (0,04 MB), PowerPoint presentation (33 MB)

Leif Malmberg – Head of museum ships, Swedish National Maritime Museums
"Swedish national museums ship preservation and the Jarramas project" - PowerPoint presentation (10 MB)

Maik Springmann – University of Rostock, Database Research Group, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald, Institute of History
"Craftmanship in shipbuilding. Evolutionary step to technology or human art"

Paweł Pawłowski - Director of the Polish Army Museum in Kołobrzeg
"Maritime heritage park of Kołobrzeg" - PDF file (12 MB), PowerPoint presentation (31 MB) - in Polish

Dr Robert Domżał - Head of Shipbuilding History Department, Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk
"Historical ships of the Baltic Sea" - PDF file (8 MB)

Dr Jerzy Litwin - Director of the Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk
"Future of the museum ships’ collection" - PowerPoint presentation (11,5 MB)

Rafał Zahorski - Magemar Polska Ltd., Szczecin
"THPV BEMBRIDGE 1938 – discovering history and restoration of the vessel"

Kpt. Jerzy Wąsowicz, "Antica", Gdańsk
"ANTICA. From the launch to Oldtimer Show"

Krzysztof Dębski - City Sport and Recreation Center in Gdańsk
"GENERAL ZARUSKI PROJECT. City of Gdańsk rescues the ship" - PowerPoint presentation (19 MB)



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