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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Arngast (W-28)

Nr EPSA E19.1
Latitude 54º 52’ 41’’ N
Longitude 17º 58’ 18’’ E
Century of construction XX
Material steel / wood
Legal status protected

German steam tugboat build in 1908 in Eiderwerft AG. factory in Tonningen (construction number 84) specifically for Kaiserliche Werft Wilmshaven. It sunk in January 1921 during the heavy storm on the way from Wilhelmshaven to Gdańsk. *

"Arngast" was 29 meters long (in some of Polish papers appear the digits like 32, 33 or even 35 meters), 6,08 meters high with a submersion of around 2,5 meters, displacement 195 BRT (270 tons by navy standards). The craft equipped with a modern, at least for that time, triple-expansion steam engines that had an output of about 600 HP, allowing it to achieve the speed of 10 knots.

*According to Groner "Die deutschen Kriegsshiffe 1815-1945", volume 6. Polish literature dates it falsely for the year 1920. The reason for incorrect dating could be the discovery of the cargo manifests with a date 1920 in the "Arngast" wreck.

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