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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Nr EPSA F32.7
Latitude 54º 39’ 37’’ N
Longitude 18º 28’ 34’’ E
Century of construction XIX
Material wood
Legal status protected

This coasting galeas sailboat with 55 tons displacement has been built in 1861 in the river shipyard in Elmshorn (north-west from Hamburg), by the river Krückau which is the right confluent of Łaba. The vessel sailed Baltic and North Sea in XIX century (it is known for example that on 5th of September 1879 it left the Gdańsk harbor, carrying wheat to Hamburg). In 1941 "Catharina" has been purchased in Tolkmicko by Emil Mark from Rewa and then reconditioned and rebuild. After that the craft has plied the Gdańsk Bay, transporting the gravel, sand and peat. "Catharina" has sunk on the March 1945 because of the Russian army's bombarding.

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