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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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"Cog" from Rowy

Fotografia "Cog" from Rowy
Nr EPSA E35.1
Latitude 54º 40’ 01’’ N
Longitude 17º 03’ 05’’ E
Century of construction XIII
Material wood
Legal status protected

The remains of the XIII-century wooden wreck had been found during the dredging works in the dock in Rowy.

After the analysis of the recovered pieces the preliminary conclusion that it was a cog type vessel, approximately 18 meters long, have been confirmed. It was the first unit build with such technique found on the premises of our country.

Dendrochronological analysis conducted by dr T. Ważny established that the ship had been constructed from oak and the youngest trees used had been cut around the year 1270 and probably came from the Szczecin neighboring area, suggesting that the city was in fact the site of construction.

Saving archaeological research in the Rowy dock have been conducted in two stages. The first one - autumn 2003, the second - spring 2004. Despite unfavorable conditions (law temperatures in autumn and lack of visibility throughout the whole period of excavations) 93 relics had been acquired, 85 of which being fragments of the wreckage. 75 of them are in a condition allowing the identification of their function and, through that, an archaeological interpretation. Additionally, probing of the dock canal bottom, where the ship had lain, has been conducted, establishing that there are no other boatbuilding components in the sediments.

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