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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Helena (W-3)

Nr EPSA F32.6
Latitude 54º 39’ 31’’ N
Longitude 18º 28’ 24’’ E
Century of construction XIX
Material wood
Legal status protected

The first "Helena" research is connected with amateur scuba divers from the Kotwica club in Gdańsk. They commenced the penetration of the seabed near Rewa and Osłonina. Thanks to them, well-preserved wooden wreck remains have been found, laying at the depth of four meters.

Based on the discussions with the owner of the sunken ship - Baltic and North Sea trade captain Klemens Długi, it has been established that it was "Helena", a vessel build in 1872 in the Kosh boatbuilding workshop and commissioned by Józef Buda from Rewa. In 1895 it has been bought by Józef Długi, also from Rewa. In 1927 the sailing boat has been redeveloped into the two-masted ketch. It sunk on the March 1945 in the anchorage near Beka due to the warfare.

Among other elements, the lower part of the hull's bottom with some of the broadsides has preserved. The majority of the finding was already buried under the sand, from which jutted the stem, sternframe as well as the rudder. In the forebody, the remainings of the bow winch with the anchor chain and a metal anchor were visible. On the midship, the residues of the engine have been found. From the slimy inside i.e. binoculars, dead-eyes, shackles, blocks and stocked anchor were brought out.

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