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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Fotografia Loreley
Nr EPSA F53.4
Latitude 54º 24’ 43’’ N
Longitude 18º 39’ 04’’ E
Century of construction XIX
Material wood
Legal status protected

The bark "Loreley" has been built in 1863 in the Rostock shipyard by H. Rickmann. It flew a German flag (home port - Rostock). The ship freighted long distances between the White Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, calling at Russian, British and French ports. It coursed the Gdańsk Bay waters as well, carrying bulk goods, mainly wood. The vessel sunk on the 15th of November 1887, at the Gdańsk port offing, being pushed to bottom by the violent storm.

Its proper identification was possible thanks to the discovery of a ship bell with the craft's name written on it.

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