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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Remainders of the bottom part of a flat bottom craft

Nr EPSA F42.1
Latitude 54º 30’ 43’’ N
Longitude 18º 33’ 37’’ E
Century of construction XIX
Material wood
Legal status protected

On the seabed, residues of the - most probably - bottom part of a flat bottom vessel are lying. The other possibility is that they're in fact a fragment of the shipboard. The flat bottom has been made from the pine planks. Pine pairs of floors constituted the transverse racking. The elements joining them with the planking were wooden. The construction is buried under the sand and directly weight down by 22 rocks of over 50 cm in diameter.

Dating of the two samples, collected from the planking and floor for the dendrochronological research, proved unsuccessful. Additional 14C tests have been performed but they resulted in establishing rather wide time window (from 1490 to 1960 a.d.). If the examined ship would be a lighter, the age of the craft could be assessed based on the flat bottom's caulking method using pressed oakum, suggesting the second half of the XIX-XX century.

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