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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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West A

Fotografia West A
Nr EPSA F53.18
Latitude 54º 24’ 31’’ N
Longitude 18º 40’ 42’’ E
Century of construction XVIII
Material wood
Legal status protected

During the preliminary examination in 2010 it has been established that a large fragment of a sailing ship from the XVIII/XIX century is lying at the depth of 5,25 m. Its measurements are: 23,2 m (length) and 4,6 m (width). During the excavation works in 2011 it turned out that half of the construction is covered with seabed sediments and because of that only the 12,5 m long section of the craft has been documented. The rest is buried under a several dozen centimeters thick layer of sand.

The construction elements included in the record are a part of large sailing vessel's shipboard. They consist of 41 densely perched elements of the traverse racking, strakes of the inside paneling (4-5 cm thick) located under the frames of the smooth outside planking (planks 7 cm thick). The frames are 20-22 cm thick and 15-20 cm wide. All the elements are made from pine wood and joined with wooden pins and metal bolts.

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