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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Zawisza Czarny (W-4)

Nr EPSA F32.2
Latitude 54º 40’ 25’’ N
Longitude 18º 33’ 46’’ E
Century of construction XX
Material wood
Legal status protected

A wooden, three-masted gaff schooner built in 1901 as "Petrea" in the I.E. Holm, A.K. Gustafssons' shipyard in Raa (Sweden). "Zawisza Czarny" was the first large sea yacht belonging to the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. It has been bought in Denmark in 1934; money came entirely from the social contributions. The person mainly responsible for the purchase was Witold Bublewski - head of the Scouts Sailing Teams - and gen Mariusz Zaruski has been the Admiral till the beginning of War.

"Zawisza" has been renovated and rebuilt into the school vessel, mainly by the scouts and students who swum on it to the very outbrake of the Second World War. During the campaign it has been used by Germans and renamed "Schwarzer Husar". In 1943 it has been ultimately abandoned and left to rot.

After the War, the craft has been found and brought to Gdynia. It was unfit to renovation so in 1949 it has been hauled away and sunk in the waters of the Bay of Puck.

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