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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku

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Museum temporary closed
Zdrowych i spokojnych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy

The Museum is closed

Concerned about the health and safety of our visitors with regards to the coronavirus we kindly inform you that all branches of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk are temporarily closed due to spread of coronavirus.

Current exhibitions

I am sailing "Opty". Treasures from the Voyage Around the Globe

I am sailing "Opty". Treasures from the Voyage Around the Globe


In 2019, we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of voyage by Leonid Teliga on board of "Opty". "I am sailing "Opty" Exhibition. Treasures from the voyage around the globe in the Vistula Museum in Tczew present the history of great adventure, legendary sailor and yacht – the symbol.

Ships. Our passion

Ships. Our passion


A virtual shipyard tour and a walk inside a ship, dockage of a platform and fascinating Oculus glasses – these and many other attractions will be available at the "Ships. Our passion" multimedia exhibition, organized by Remontowa Holding S.A. shipbuilding group.

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